Carlos B. Lucasius

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The solution structure of the photodimer cis,syn-dUp[]dT is derived with the aid of the genetic algorithm. The conformational space available for the molecule is sampled efficiently using the computer program DENISE and tested against a set of constraints available from nmr experiments. The dominant conformation in solution found with this approach can be(More)
The focus of this paper is database design using automated database design tools or more general CASE tools. We present a genetic algorithm for the optimization of (internal) database structures, using a multi-criterion objective function. This function expresses connicting objectives , reeecting the well-known time/space trade-oo. This paper shows how the(More)
The application of genetic algorithms to the problem of the sequential assignment of two-dimensional protein NMR spectra is discussed. The problem is heavily underconstrained since in most cases more patterns are available than amino acid positions, and uncertainties may exist in the preliminary assignments. The results indicate that relatively large(More)
To improve the convergence properties of 'embedding' distance geometry, a new approach was developed by combining the distance-geometry methodology with a genetic algorithm. This new approach is called DG-OMEGA (DG omega, optimised metric matrix embedding by genetic algorithms). The genetic algorithm was used to combine well-defined parts of individual(More)
Natural evolution is widely accepted as being the process underlying the design and optimization of the sensory functions of biological organisms. Using a genetic algorithm, this process is extended to the automatic optimization and design of optical systems, e.g. as used in astronomical telescopes. The results of this feasibility study indicate that(More)
The statistical and soft computing methods have been used to predict time series data from different fields. The different methods have been applied on same or different time series data. One method has been selected among the applied methods based error analysis. In this paper, an algorithm has been proposed to forecast the time series data based on(More)