Carlos B. Lucasius

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The focus of this paper is database design using automated database design tools or more general CASE tools. We present a genetic algorithm for the optimization of (internal) database structures, using a multi-criterion objective function. This function expresses connicting objectives , reeecting the well-known time/space trade-oo. This paper shows how the(More)
The application of genetic algorithms to the problem of the sequential assignment of two-dimensional protein NMR spectra is discussed. The problem is heavily underconstrained since in most cases more patterns are available than amino acid positions, and uncertainties may exist in the preliminary assignments. The results indicate that relatively large(More)
This paper describes several new results of the project C2I at the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The focus of C2I is the transformation of data models from the conceptual to the internal level. Several aspects are involved, such as data structures, operations, populations (values) and integrity constraints. Special emphasis is given to(More)
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