Carlos Augusto Prolo

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In this paper, we present a tool that allows one to automatically extract verb argument-structure from the Penn Treebank as well as from other corpora annotated with the Penn Treebank release 2 conventions. More specifically, we examine each possible sequence of tags, both functional and categorial and determine whether such a sequence indicates an(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to deal with dictionary retrieval. This new approach is based on a very efficient and scalable theoretical structure called Multi-Terminal Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (MTMDD). Such tool allows the definition of very large, even multilingual, dictionaries without significant increase in memory demands, and also with(More)
Coordination of phrases of different syntactic categories has posed a problem for generative systems based only on syntactic categories. Although some prefer to treat them as exceptional cases that should require some extra mechanism (as for elliptical constructions), or to allow for unrestricted cross-category coordination, they can be naturally derived in(More)
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