Carlos Astengo-Noguez

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Planning the motion of a rigid or articulated object among static obstacles is known as the basic motion planning problem. In its simplest definition, it is a purely geometric problem that only considers avoiding collision with static obstacles, given that the robot is the only object that is able to move in the environment. This problem has been(More)
In a city where vehicles will travel without the aid of traffic lights finding partners to make a flock will be a very important issue. Flock Traffic Navigation assumes that vehicles can communicate with each other in order to negotiate a common bone-structure using their actual positions and destinations. In this paper we present an original method based(More)
Flock traffic navigation (FTN) is a recently approach to solve vehicular traffic congestions in cities using multiagent technology. These agents are instructed to cooperate with others in order to form flocks, which gain a speed bonus, therefore improving individual travel time. Identifying partners is a critical issue, since it is a time consuming process.(More)
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