Carlos Angulo

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PURPOSE To develop a powerful archetype editing framework capable of handling multiple reference models and oriented towards the semantic description and standardization of legacy data. METHODS The main prerequisite for implementing tools providing enhanced support for archetypes is the clear specification of archetype semantics. We propose a(More)
In this paper we describe Pangea-LE, a message-oriented lightweight data integration engine that allows homogeneous and concurrent access to clinical information from disperse and heterogeneous data sources. The engine extracts the information and passes it to the requesting client applications in a flexible XML format. The XML response message can be(More)
One of the basic needs for any healthcare professional is to be able to access to clinical information of patients in an understandable and normalized way. The lifelong clinical information of any person supported by electronic means configures his/her Electronic Health Record (EHR). This information is usually distributed among several independent and(More)
Motivation Healthcare is a very data-intensive sector, producing and consuming a great amount of biomedical information. In healthcare organizations, especially hospitals, the big amount of data gets increasingly obscure due to their decentralized organization which has allowed different departments to meet specific or local requirements. This has led to(More)
Standardization of data is a prerequisite to achieve semantic interoperability in any domain. This is even more important in the healthcare sector where the need for exchanging health related data among professional and institutions is not an exception but the rule. Currently, there are several international organizations working on the definition of(More)
Both direct and reverse log-Sobolev inequalities, relating the Shannon entropy with a µ-deformed energy, are shown to hold in a family of µ-deformed Segal-Bargmann spaces. This shows that the µ-deformed energy of a state is finite if and only if its Shannon entropy is finite. The direct inequality is a new result, while the reverse inequality has already(More)
Host cells use an intricate signaling system to respond to invasions by pathogenic microorganisms. Although several signaling components of disease resistance against necrotrophic fungal pathogens have been identified, our understanding for how molecular components and host processes contribute to plant disease susceptibility is rather sparse. Here, we(More)
—In this paper, a CMOS-compatible in-plane micrometer-size optically readable nonvolatile-memory device is proposed and analyzed. It consists of an electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) integrated on a high-index-contrast silicon-on-insulator (SOI) rib waveguide. Our calculations indicate that variations on the order of 10 −4 of the(More)