Carlos Angulo

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PURPOSE To develop a powerful archetype editing framework capable of handling multiple reference models and oriented towards the semantic description and standardization of legacy data. METHODS The main prerequisite for implementing tools providing enhanced support for archetypes is the clear specification of archetype semantics. We propose a(More)
The use of food-grade organisms as recombinant vaccine expression hosts and delivery vehicles has been explored during the past 25 years, opening new avenues for vaccinology. Considering that oral immunization is a beneficial approach in terms of costs, patient comfort, and protection of mucosal tissues, the use of food-grade organisms can lead to highly(More)
In this paper we describe Pangea-LE, a message-oriented lightweight data integration engine that allows homogeneous and concurrent access to clinical information from disperse and heterogeneous data sources. The engine extracts the information and passes it to the requesting client applications in a flexible XML format. The XML response message can be(More)
Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) is the etiologic agent of paratuberculosis disease affecting ruminants worldwide. The aim of this study was to identify potential candidate antigens and epitopes by bio and immuno-informatic tools which could be later evaluated as vaccines and/or diagnosis. 110 protein sequences were selected from MAP K-10(More)
Motivation Healthcare is a very data-intensive sector, producing and consuming a great amount of biomedical information. In healthcare organizations, especially hospitals, the big amount of data gets increasingly obscure due to their decentralized organization which has allowed different departments to meet specific or local requirements. This has led to(More)
Bacillus subtilis is a vaccine production host and delivery vector with several advantages such as a low production cost, straightforward administration as it is safe for human consumption and the production of spores exerting adjuvant effects. This review summarizes the expression approaches and provides an updated outlook of how a myriad of pathogens have(More)
Crop models of crop growth are increasingly used to quantify the impact of global changes due to climate or crop management. Therefore, accuracy of simulation results is a major concern. Studies with ensembles of crop models can give valuable information about model accuracy and uncertainty, but such studies are difficult to organize and have only recently(More)
One of the basic needs for any healthcare professional is to be able to access to clinical information of patients in an understandable and normalized way. The lifelong clinical information of any person supported by electronic means configures his/her Electronic Health Record (EHR). This information is usually distributed among several independent and(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of dietary microalgae Navicula sp single or in combination with Lactobacillus sakei on growth performance, humoral immune parameters and intestinal morphology in Pacific red snapper, Lutjanus peru. The experimental fish were grouped into four treatment diets which were a control diet (commercial diet,(More)
Standardization of data is a prerequisite to achieve semantic interoperability in any domain. This is even more important in the healthcare sector where the need for exchanging health related data among professional and institutions is not an exception but the rule. Currently, there are several international organizations working on the definition of(More)