Carlos Andre Stevens

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This article presents the first results of a study of the decisions made by health professionals in South Australia concerning the management of death, dying, and euthanasia, and focuses on the findings concerning the attitudes and practices of medical practitioners. Mail-back, self-administered questionnaires were posted in August 1991 to a ten per cent(More)
This article is one of two which report findings of research which examined the attitudes and practices of health professionals in South Australia towards the management of death, dying and euthanasia. The focus in this article is on findings related to nurses. Conducted in August 1991, mail-back, self-administered questionnaires were posted to a sample of(More)
A late alchemist exposes his estranged son to the truth surrounding his tumultuous life and the dark magic used to power a gold-making machine, all in an attempt to give his son one last life lesson and save him from following the same fateful path.
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