Carlos Alonso Ramos

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The design and fabrication of an ultracompact silicon-on-insulator polarization converter is reported. The polarization conversion with an extinction ratio of 16 dB is achieved for a conversion length of only 10 μm. Polarization rotation is achieved by inducing a vertical asymmetry by forming in the waveguide core two subwavelength trenches of different(More)
Through integrating chemical, biochemical and morphological analyses, this study investigated the effects of multiple pollutants on the gill mitochondria-rich cells (MRCs) in two fish species, Astyanax fasciatus and Pimelodus maculatus, collected from five sites (FU10, FU20, FU30, FU40 and FU50) in the Furnas Hydroelectric Power Station reservoir. Water(More)
We report an efficient energy-time entangled photon-pair source based on four-wave mixing in a CMOS-compatible silicon photonics ring resonator. Thanks to suitable optimization, the source shows a large spectral brightness of 400 pairs of entangled photons /s/MHz for 500 μW pump power, compatible with standard telecom dense wavelength division multiplexers.(More)
Subwavelength grating structures with a pitch smaller than the Bragg resonance length can be used for engineering the refractive index in silicon photonic waveguides. We discuss the principles, design, fabrication and applications of subwavelength nanostructures in silicon photonics and review our recent results on fiber-chip coupling structures, surface(More)
The silicon photonic wire evanescent field (PWEF) sensor platform offers the advantages of small sensor size, high levels of function integration, and low cost manufacturing that comes with the use of established semiconductor fabrication processes. The technology should be fully compatible with existing infrastructure in molecular analysis and research and(More)
We present the development of a compact planar waveguide Fourier-transform spectrometer for high-resolution and high-throughput spectroscopy. The prototype device is designed to monitor the water vapor absorption band near λ = 1364 nm in the atmosphere from an Earth-orbiting satellite. The instrument is fully static (i.e. no moving parts) and it is(More)
We review our advances in diffractive and subwavelength grating coupler structures for microphotonic waveguides. We present a subwavelength grating fiber-chip edge coupler with a loss as low as 0.9 dB and with minimal wavelength dependence over a broad wavelength range exceeding 200 nm. We also present fiber-to-chip surface grating couplers based on(More)
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