Carlos Alberto Fuenmayor

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Polyamidic nanofibrous membranes containing gated silica mesoporous particles, acting as carriers, are described as novel hybrid composite materials for encapsulation and on-command delivery of garlic extracts. The carrier system consists of MCM-41 solids functionalized in the outer surface, with linear polyamines (solid P1) and with hydrolyzed starch(More)
A novel optical assay for sugar determination based on the catalytic and biocatalytic growth of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) is presented. The reaction of carbohydrates with these Au salts in alkaline media generates AuNPs at room temperature (RT) without the need for Au seeds in the solution or fibrous mesh. The optical properties of the resulting AuNPs(More)
A single-step electrospinning process will be applied to a blend of edible carbohydrate polymers (pullulan and β-cyclodextrin) to encapsulate bioactive aroma compounds and allow a humidity-triggered release. The encapsulation is rapid and efficient and the final product is an active nanofibrous membrane that can be directly used for food or active packaging(More)
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