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Inflammation is a hallmark of brucellosis. Although Brucella abortus, one of the disease's etiologic agents, possesses cytokine-stimulatory properties, the mechanism by which this bacterium triggers(More)
The development of an effective subunit vaccine against brucellosis is a research area of intense interest. The outer membrane proteins (Omps) of Brucella spp. have been extensively characterized as(More)
The immunogenicity and protective efficacy of recombinant lumazine synthase from Brucella spp. (rBLS) administered with different adjuvants was evaluated in mice. Mice were immunized with rBLS in the(More)
Available vaccines against Brucella spp. are live attenuated Brucella strains. In order to engineer a better vaccine to be used in animals and humans, our laboratory aims to develop an innocuous(More)
Osteoarticular complications are common in human brucellosis, but the pathogenic mechanisms involved are largely unknown. Since matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are involved in joint and bone damage(More)