Carlos Alberto Cruz Villar

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Acute static tests were performed to assess Zn toxicity on adults of Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (not sexed), a neotropical fish of wide distribution in the Río de la Plata basin. Tests were carried out with ZnCl2 dissolved in natural waters from the Lower Paraná River, the Río de la Plata Estuary, reconstituted waters of similar composition, tap and(More)
Biomass changes across an annual cycle were followed at two sampling sites in the floodplain marsh of the Lower Paraná River: close to the river-shore and 800 m inside the floodplain marsh, both dominated by Scirpus californicus and Cyperus giganteus. Tidal influence determines a daily exchange of water between the river and the floodplain marsh. Estimated(More)
This paper presents a dynamic optimization approach based on the differential evolution (DE) strategy which is applied to the concurrent optimal design of a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The structure-control integration approach is used to state the concurrent optimal design as a dynamic optimization problem which is solved using the Constraint(More)
Parametric reconfiguration plays a key role in non-iterative concurrent design of mechatronic systems. This is because it allows the designer to select, among different competitive solutions, the most suitable without sacrificing sub-optimal characteristics. This paper presents a method based on an evolutionary algorithm to improve the parametric(More)
The problem of path generation for the spherical 4R mechanism is solved using the Differential Evolution algorithm (DE). Formulas for the spherical geodesics are employed in order to obtain the parametric equation for the generated trajectory. Direct optimization of the objective function gives the solution to the path generation task without prescribed(More)
In this paper we propose a novel Recurrent Neural Network Soft Sensor designed to estimate and predict the contact area that tires of a car are making with the ground. This is one of the most critical issues regarding car modelling for improving its performance. The proposed sensor is particularly useful for an active suspension because it allows its(More)
Cd, Cr, Cu and Pb concentrations were measured in the water and these plus Zn were measured in the diet, muscle and liver of the detritivorous fish Prochilodus lineatus and the omnivorous fish Pterodoras granulosus at two sites (Lower Paraná River and Río de la Plata right margin) located upstream and downstream, respectively, from Buenos Aires, an(More)
Cd, Cu and Zn content in sediments and bivalves (Limnoperna fortunei and Corbicula fluminea) were studied in the lower 500 km stretch of the Paraná River and in the right margin of the Río de la Plata Estuary. Both bivalves species showed higher metal contents at the Paraná River, possibly related to water chemistry. The Paraná water is circumneutral and(More)