Carlos Alberto Busso

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Improvised acting is a viable technique to study human communication and to shed light into actors' creativity. The USC CreativeIT database provides a novel bridge between the study of theatrical improvisation and human expressive behavior in dyadic interaction. The theoretical design of the database is based on the well-established improvisation technique(More)
Research on human emotional behavior, and the development of automatic emotion recognition and animation systems, rely heavily on appropriate audiovisual databases of expressive human speech, language, gestures and postures. The use of actors to record emotional databases has been a popular approach in the study of emotions. Recently, this method has been(More)
Communicative goals are simultaneously expressed through gestures and speech to convey messages enriched with valuable verbal and non-verbal clues. This paper analyzes and quantifies how linguistic and affective goals are reflected in facial expressions. Using a database recorded from an actress with markers attached to her face, the facial features during(More)
A Gilbert–gamma topology is proposed to model packet-loss processes in UDP connections. The proposed topology introduces state duration modelling with gamma distributions. When compared with the ordinary Gilbert model the proposed topology substantially improves the likelihood of observed packet-loss processes, and gives reductions as high as 70% in the(More)
Developing feedback systems that can detect the attention level of the driver can play a key role in preventing accidents by alerting the driver about possible hazardous situations. Monitoring driver's distraction is an important research problem, especially with new forms of technology that are made available to drivers, which can interfere with the(More)
—We present the MSP-IMPROV corpus, a multimodal emotional database, where the goal is to have control over lexical content and emotion while also promoting naturalness in the recordings. Studies on emotion perception often require stimuli with fixed lexical content, but that convey different emotions. These stimuli can also serve as an instrument to(More)
Rigid head motion is a gesture that conveys important non-verbal information in human communication , and hence it needs to be appropriately modeled and included in realistic facial animations to effectively mimic human behaviors. In this paper, head motion sequences in expressive facial animations are analyzed in terms of their naturalness and emotional(More)
Changes in forest openings affect light quality and quantity, and the magnitude of rainfall that reaches the soil surface. Osmorhiza depauperata, a geophyte, acclimates to changes imposed because of forest openings. We studied which changes in biomass allocation allow acclimation of O. depauperata to the various environments that this species inhabits, and(More)