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Magnesium sulphate has been used in the acute treatment of migraines; some studies found it to be a highly effective medication in the acute control of migraine pain and associated symptoms. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study assesses the effect of magnesium sulphate on the pain and associated symptoms in patients with migraine without(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of migraine and episodic tension-type headache (ETTH) among university students as well as its impact on academic performance and quality of life. BACKGROUND Headache is a very common symptom in clinical practice. The reduced capacities due to migraine can be profound, and more studies are needed to evaluate, in(More)
This was a randomized, double-blind study designed to evaluate the comparative efficacy and tolerability of the 40-mg dose of eletriptan and the 2.5-mg dose of naratriptan. Patients (n = 548) meeting International Headache Society (IHS) criteria for migraine were randomized to treat a single migraine attack with either eletriptan 40 mg, naratriptan 2.5 mg,(More)
Thunderclap headache attributed to reversible cerebral vasoconstriction (THARCV) is a syndrome observed in a number of reported cases. In this article we reviewed this new headache entity (idiopathic form) using the clinical-radiological findings of 25 reported patients. In this series of patients 72% were women, the mean age at the onset of first headache(More)
Fourty-five migraine without aura patients underwent a parallel double-blind trial aiming the comparison of the effects of propranolol 60 mg/day to flunarizine 10 mg/day and to propranolol 60 mg/day plus flunarizine 10 mg/day simultaneously. There were 3 groups, each one with 15 patients. After a 20-day-baseline period, each group received one kind of(More)
BACKGROUND Cluster headache (CH) is a rare cause of headache in children. Onset before 12 years of age is unusual, and long-term follow-up of pediatric cases has been not reported. OBJECTIVES To report three cases of CH with onset at childhood and at least ten years of follow-up. METHODS Case report. RESULTS The first case is that of a 12-year-old boy(More)
The migraine-specific triptans have revolutionized the treatment of migraine and are usually the drugs of choice to treat a migraine attack in progress. Different triptans are available in different strengths and formulations including oral tablets, orally disintegrating tablets, nasal sprays and subcutaneous injections. In Europe, sumatriptan is also(More)
Headache is a common symptom in the population, with a life prevalence around 90%. It results in an important impact in the life quality of sufferers. The aim of this study is to evaluate the prevalence of migraine among employees of an university hospital (HC), as well as to measure the headache intensity, interference and impact in the daily activities. A(More)
This study presents an evaluation of placebo response in the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura and episodic tension type headache. We studied patients admitted between March 1st,1997 and November 31st,1999 in two Emergency Room Units. Three groups had been defined, each one with 30 participants: migraine without aura (MWOA), migraine with(More)