Carlos Alberto Bordini

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Acute headache is a very frequent symptom, responsible for a significant percentage of caseload at primary care units and emergency rooms. Chlorpromazine is easily available in such settings. The aim of this study is to conduct a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study to assess the efficacy of chlorpromazine on the acute treatment of episodic(More)
The purpose of our study was to prospectively evaluate the impact of preventive drug treatment on the quality of life of patients with episodic migraine (EM). Quality of life evaluations can enhance traditional measures of therapeutic efficacy. Thirty-five consecutive EM without aura patients attending a tertiary care unit (Batatais Headache Clinic) entered(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the pressure pain threshold (PPT) of the craniocervical muscles in women with episodic migraine (EM) n=15 and chronic migraine (CM) n=14, and in healthy volunteers (C) n=15. METHOD A blinded examiner obtained the PPT bilaterally, by pressure algometry, for the following muscles: frontalis, temporalis, masseter, trapezius and(More)
Thunderclap headache attributed to reversible cerebral vasoconstriction (THARCV) is a syndrome observed in a number of reported cases. In this article we reviewed this new headache entity (idiopathic form) using the clinical-radiological findings of 25 reported patients. In this series of patients 72% were women, the mean age at the onset of first headache(More)
Chronic migraine is a condition with significant prevalence all around the world and high socioeconomic impact, and its handling has been challenging neurologists. Developments for understanding its mechanisms and associated conditions, as well as that of new therapies, have been quick and important, a fact which has motivated the Latin American and(More)
In this article, a group of experts in headache management of the Brazilian Headache Society developed through a consensus strategic measurements to treat a migraine attack in both the child and the adult. Particular emphasis was laid on the treatment of migraine in women, including at pregnancy, lactation and perimenstrual period.
SUNCT is one of the rarest and least known primary headache disorders. Although its pathogenesis has been partially understood by functional neuroimaging and reports of secondary cases, there is limited understanding of its cause. We report a case of SUNCT in a 54-years-old man, that could not be strictly classified as secondary SUNCT; however, the time lag(More)
Headache as a chief complaint is rare in the paediatric emergency room. Actually, very seldom cases secondary to life threatening conditions as non-traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage have been reported. A child with severe headache and nuchal rigidity and no other abnormalities on the physical examination is reported. Magnetic resonance angiography and(More)
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