Carlos Agón

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In almost every scientific field, measurements are performed over time. These observations lead to a collection of organized data called <i>time series</i>. The purpose of time-series data mining is to try to extract all meaningful knowledge from the <i>shape</i> of data. Even if humans have a natural capacity to perform these tasks, it remains a complex(More)
This paper presents the computer-assisted composition environment OpenMusic and introduces OM 5.0, a new cross-platform release. The characteristics of this system will be exposed, with examples of applications in music composition and analysis. Resumo. Este artigo apresenta o ambiente de composição assistida por computador OpenMusic, e introduz OM 5.0, uma(More)
OpenMusic is an open source environment dedicated to music composition. The core of this environment is a full-featured visual programming language based on Common Lisp and CLOS (Common Lisp Object System) allowing to design processes for the generation or manipulation of musical material. This language can also be used for general purpose visual(More)
̊ new classes have been added to OpenMusic in order to handle the big amount of parameters involved in the control of synthesis. OpenMusic (Assayag & al, 1999) is a computer assisted composition software based on Common Lisp / CLOS (Steele 1990). It is is a complete visual programming interface to CL/CLOS where user operations are mainly based on the drag(More)
Writing multimedia interaction systems is not easy. Their concurrent processes usually access shared resources in a non-deterministic order, often leading to unpredictable behavior. Using Pure Data (Pd) and Max/MSP is possible to program concurrency, however, it is difficult to synchronize processes based on multiple criteria. Process calculi such as the(More)
This article presents the recent work we are carrying out regarding SDIF file manipulation and SDIF sound description data representation in the Computer Assisted Composition environment OpenMusic. It explains how we use it to integrate sound processing and descriptions in the compositionnal field. Particularly, it introduces a new OpenGL based(More)