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Pseudomonas entomophila is an entomopathogenic bacterium that, upon ingestion, kills Drosophila melanogaster as well as insects from different orders. The complete sequence of the 5.9-Mb genome was determined and compared to the sequenced genomes of four Pseudomonas species. P. entomophila possesses most of the catabolic genes of the closely related strain(More)
It is estimated that the city of São Paulo has over 2.5 million dogs and 560 thousand cats. These populations are irregularly distributed throughout the territory, making it difficult to appropriately allocate health services focused on these species. To reasonably allocate vaccination sites, it is necessary to identify social groups and their access to the(More)
This study integrated accessibility and location-allocation models in geographic information systems as a proposed strategy to improve the spatial planning of public health services. To estimate the spatial accessibility, we modified the two-step floating catchment area (2SFCA) model with a different impedance function, a Gaussian weight for competition(More)
• Software is around us (cell phones, workplaces, cars, …) and we want it to be reliable. ABSTRACT Software plays an important role in our daily lives. There is software in our cell phones, and in our workplaces, just to mention a few examples. We want reliable software. This is specially desired in critical software such as software in airplanes, software(More)
The objective of this article is to analyse cultural influences when French companies cooperate with Mexican companies (subsidiaries of the French, established in Mexico) in the field of automotive manufacturing. An OEM supplier and a final assembly plant were selected to perform the study. Interviews with the workers, supervisors and managers have been(More)
Insulin receptor substrate (IRS) proteins play important roles in hepatic nutrient homeostasis. Since glucokinase (GK) and glucokinase regulatory protein (GKRP) function as key glucose sensors, we have investigated the expression of GK and GKRP in liver of Irs-2 deficient mice and Irs2(-/-) mice where Irs2 was reintroduced specifically into pancreatic(More)
This paper focuses on the intriguing relationship between mathematics and physical phenomena, arguing that the brain uses a single framework to order, arrange, and process basic information into more complex thought and knowledge. It is proposed that multiple incremental permutations of this single format eventually give rise to all abstract thought. The(More)