Carlos Abad Gairin

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OBJECTIVE The association of cystitis glandularis with primary bladder tumors is well known. A case of cystitis glandularis progressing to transitional cell carcinoma is described and the literature briefly reviewed. METHODS/RESULTS We report on a case of diffuse cystitis glandularis in whom progression to transitional cell carcinoma with areas of(More)
Vesicoumbilical fistula in the adult male basically results from repermeability of the urachus obliterated by an uncompensated vesicoprostatic obstruction. The passage of urine through the umbilicus is practically pathognomonic and the definitive diagnosis is made by IVP and cystourethrography. It is a relatively benign pathology with a good prognosis(More)
Post-traumatic renal hypertension is an uncommon sequela of renal trauma that may appear late making long follow-up advisable. The pathophysiology of this condition, the diagnostic methods, its different modes of presentation including transient and reversible or irreversible permanent hypertension are discussed. The usefulness of renal function tests in(More)
OBJECTIVE Report our experience in the first 50 cases of laparoscopic radical prostatectomy performed in our Hospital. We describe the surgical technique and the modifications that we have applied. Time consumptions and technical difficulties are reviewed. METHODS From January 2005 to September 2006 we indicated 52 extraperitoneal laparoscopic radical(More)
Case report of one patient with extrinsic vesical compression secondary to a displaced hip prosthesis. Interesting case due to increasing hip prosthesis surgery over the last few years involving, although not frequently, ureteral and vesical injuries of varying consideration which require early diagnosis and management.
OBJECTIVE To describe a case of aggressive scrotal angiomyxoma in a 55-year old man. METHODS Ultrasound examination revealed a tumor on the scrotum. Surgical resection and histopathological study of the tumor was performed. The literature is briefly reviewed. RESULTS Pathological analysis disclosed spindle-shaped neoplastic cells widely separated by a(More)
OBJECTIVES Urethral hemangioma is a rare benign vascular tumor. The clinical features of this tumor type and the therapeutic options are discussed. METHODS/RESULTS We report on a 55-year-old male with urethral hemangioma who consulted for urethral hemorrhage. CONCLUSIONS To our knowledge, approximately 40 cases of this rare tumor type have been reported(More)
We report a case of inverted papilloma of the bladder. The clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of this tumor type are discussed. We underscore the histology and histogenesis of the two types: trabecular inverted papilloma and glandular inverted papilloma. A review of the literature has shown that inverted papillomas do not show clinical or(More)