Carlos A. Sampaio

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This paper presents an enhanced 32-bit carry look-ahead (CLA) adder implemented using the multi-output enable /disable CMOS differential logic (MOECDL) style. The MOECDL structure proposed represents a promising technique for iterative networks and self-timed circuits. The recursive property of CLA algorithm has been efficiently exploited to demonstrate the(More)
Neonates that suffer oxygen deprivation during birth can have long lasting cognitive deficits, such as memory and learning impairments. Hippocampus, one of the main structures that participate in memory and learning processes, is a plastic and dynamic structure that conserves during life span the property of generating new cells which can become neurons,(More)
Honors programs are rare in Latin America, and in Chile they were unknown before 2003. At the Universidad Austral de Chile, an interdisciplinary group of scholars linked to environmental studies put forward a pilot project for implementing a new experience in higher education. Challenged by an educational environment where (i) apathy and mediocrity have(More)
Caring for people with diminished faculties and forms of disease and handicap that break down their personality places high demands on care staff. Anchored in a caring science with a holistic and humanistic approach, this article analyzes the trajectories of control that emerge in nurse care interactions. A suggested answer is the responsibility of the(More)
The aim of this paper is to verify the nature of the relationship between the concept of legitimacy and the phenomenon of institutionalization of operational auditing at the Court of Auditors in a context of institutional isomorphism. A documental examination was conducted covering the period of 1987 to 2004 and 18 people involved in the aforementioned(More)
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