Carlos A. Rovetto

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Minimal siphons in the class of S4 PR nets have become a conceptual and practical central tool for the study of the resource allocation related aspects in discrete event dynamic systems as, for example, the existence of deadlocks. Therefore the availability of efficient algorithms to compute the minimal siphons is essential. In this paper we try to take(More)
Multicomputer Interconnection Networks and the design of routing algorithms for these networks, is a very active research domain that in the last decade has given rise to technologically consolidated systems. Nevertheless, from the methodological point of view, the diverse approaches are very limited, moreover in many cases are not complete in order to(More)
In this paper we model the processes carried out during the transit of vessels through the Panama Canal, focusing on the usage of shared resources such as the locks and other areas that, due to physical limitations of space, can be used only by certain types of vessels. In large size discrete event systems occur very complex situations that can be(More)
In this paper we study the container loading problem as a tridimensional bin-packing type problem, for a weakly heterogeneous set of blocks. The study seeks to exploit the space of a container to transport boxes of lettuce through the distribution network of agricultural products in Panama. Furthermore, we describe a new method with linear equations for(More)
Minimal siphons in the class of S<sup>4</sup>PR nets have become a conceptual and practical central tool to deal with deadlocks caused by the sharing of resources in Flexible Manufacturing Systems. The availability of efficient algorithms to compute these structural objects is very important. In this paper we take advantage from the particular properties of(More)
Prevention and avoidance of deadlocks in sensor networks that use the wormhole routing algorithm is an active research domain. There are diverse control policies that will address this problem being our approach a new method. In this paper we present a virtual control policy for the new specialized Petri net subclass called Binary Ordered Resources Petri(More)
Factoring and warehouse distribution centers face numerous and interrelated challenges in their e orts to move products and materials through their facilities. New technologies in navigation and guidance allow true autonomy with more exibility and resource e ciency. In this paper we investigate a complete design approach to obtain deadlock-free minimal(More)
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