Carlos A. Quintero

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In this paper we describe the design and implementation of an educational methodology based on a robotic platform used for the small size league (SSL) challenge of the RoboCup initiative. The methodology is based on three main aspects of the learning process, namely classical conditioning, reinforcement learning and cognitive learning. This is achieved(More)
Online learning is a machine learning paradigm that is useful when data is not available all at once. In this paper we focus in real time applications for which data is being collected as the algorithm executes. The forgetron Algorithm [1] is an online learning algorithm that works under a limited memory constraint while guaranteeing a bound on the number(More)
Voronoi and Delaunay structures are presented as discretization tools to be used in numerical surface integration aiming the computation of geodetic problems solutions, when under the integral there is a non-analytical function (e. g., gravity anomaly and height). In the Voronoi approach, the target area is partitioned into polygons which contain the(More)
This paper shows the results of applying machine learning techniques to the problem of predicting soccer plays in the Small Size League of RoboCup. We have modeled the task as a multi-class classification problem by learning the plays of the STOx’s team. For this, we have created a database of observations for this team’s plays and obtained key features(More)
Graph-based manifold learning techniques have become of paramount importance when researchers have been faced to nonlinear data. These techniques have allowed them to discover relations that usual approaches such as PCA and MDS were incapable of. However, properties such as non-uniform sampling, varied topological substructures and highly curved manifolds(More)
Plenty of work based on the Rapidly-exploring Random Trees (RRT) algorithm for path planning in real time has been developed recently. This is the most used algorithm by the top research teams in the Small Size League of RoboCup. Nevertheless, we have concluded that other simpler alternatives show better results under these highly dynamic environments. In(More)
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