Carlos A Gonzalez

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In the last two decades, research on the hydraulics of skimming flows down stepped chutes was driven by needs for better design guidelines. Skimming flows are characterized by significant momentum transfer from the main stream to the recirculation zones. Investigations are difficult because of the complex nature of the flow, the strong flow aeration, and(More)
Air-water flow measurements were conducted in two large-size stepped chute facilities (θ = 3.4 & 16o) to study experimental distortion caused by scale effects and result extrapolation to prototypes. The stepped geometries corresponded to moderate slopes typical of embankment dams and storm waterways. Experimental data included distributions of air(More)
We present and analyze the structure of the oligonucleotide d(ATATAT) found in two different forms by X-ray crystallography and in solution by NMR. We find that in both crystal lattices the oligonucleotide forms an antiparallel double helical duplex in which base pairing is of the Hoogsteen type. The double helix is apparently very similar to the standard(More)
New experiments were conducted in a large stepped channel with a 22o slope operating at large Reynolds numbers. Interactions between free-surface and cavity recirculation were systematically investigated in the skimming flow regime. Turbulence manipulation was further conducted and identical experiments were performed with 4 configurations. Basic results(More)
The bonding of sulfur to surfaces of gold is an important subject in several areas of chemistry, physics, and materials science. Synchrotron-based high-resolution photoemission and first-principles density-functional (DF) slab calculations were used to study the interaction of sulfur with a well-defined Au(111) surface and polycrystalline gold. Our(More)
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B is published by the American Chemical Society. 1155 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036 Article Electrostatics for Exploring the Nature of the Hydrogen Bonding in Polyethylene Oxide Hydration Yosslen Aray, Manuel Marquez, Jesus Rodrguez, David Vega, Yamil Simn-Manso, Santiago Coll, Carlos Gonzalez, and David A.(More)
The study of asymmetric lipid bilayers is of a crucial importance due to the great number of biological process in which they are involved such as exocytosis, intracellular fusion processes, phospholipid-protein interactions, and signal transduction pathway. In addition, the loss of this asymmetry is a hallmark of the early stages of apoptosis. In this(More)
Gas-phase nitrosation of amines implies a nonionic pathway different from the nitrosonium nitrosation via acidification of nitrite. Electronic structure calculations discussed in this work suggest a free radical mechanism, in which NO2 abstracts a hydrogen atom from the nitrogen in primary and secondary amines to form an intermediate complex of an aminyl(More)