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Intrinsic ultraviolet fluorescence has been investigated as a rapid non-invasive method for identifying and distinguishing protein crystals. An epi-fluorescence microscope, which provides for excitation and viewing of fluorescence from above the sample, and a straight-through geometry, which provides excitation from above and views fluorescence from(More)
We present and analyze the structure of the oligonucleotide d(ATATAT) found in two different forms by X-ray crystallography and in solution by NMR. We find that in both crystal lattices the oligonucleotide forms an antiparallel double helical duplex in which base pairing is of the Hoogsteen type. The double helix is apparently very similar to the standard(More)
Methane can be produced by anaerobic digestion. The Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) test is widely applied to determine the anaerobic biodegradability of wastes. It is based on a fermentation process, which is time consuming, about 30 days. This study investigates the use of near infrared spectroscopy to predict the Biochemical Methane Potential value(More)
The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of cyclophosphamide and its principal metabolites (CPs) on microbial behaviour in a membrane bioreactor system. Two laboratory-scale membrane bioreactors (MBR) were run in parallel with a sludge retention time of 70 days (one with the cytostatic drugs, MBR-CPs, the second without, MBR-control). The microbial(More)
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The bonding of sulfur to surfaces of gold is an important subject in several areas of chemistry, physics, and materials science. Synchrotron-based high-resolution photoemission and first-principles density-functional (DF) slab calculations were used to study the interaction of sulfur with a well-defined Au(111) surface and polycrystalline gold. Our(More)
Although very few measurements have appeared in the open literature and there seems to be a controversy about the existence of the NDR phenomenon in molecules, the prospects of building such systems have attracted significant attention. In the work reported in this paper we used a model based on DFT calculations of the electronic structure of the(More)