Carlos A. Galeano

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To assess the neurourological disturbances produced by the perivascular inflammatory process in the acute phase of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, we carried out a controlled study. Forty-six New Zealand male rabbits were inoculated with an encephalitogenic preparation. Twenty-seven of them developed neurological deficits in an average of 9.3 days(More)
Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) is a delayed cell-mediated autoimmune reaction to myelin basic protein. The neuropathology of this acute inflammatory process is characterized by cellular infiltration of the perivascular nervous parenchyma which increases the blood-brain barrier permeability. There is good evidence for an activation of the(More)
A vesicourethral electromyographic study was carried out on 21 cats of both sexes with extracellular electrodes along with monitoring of contraction and relaxation of various parts of the bladder and urethra. No consistent electromyographic pattern of slow and fast waves was observed in the bladder and urethra either in any empty bladder or during filling(More)
The effect of the synthetic opiate [D-Ala2, Me-Phe4]-leu-enkephalin ( DAMLE ) on the micturition cycle of the cat was studied. In vivo assays were performed with young male cats under two different conditions: 1) decerebrated cats (D-cats), with an intercollicular transection of the brainstem, and 2) spinal cats (S-cats), with a spinal transection between(More)
We explored the urodynamic action of clonidine (preferential alpha 2-agonist) and yohimbine (preferential alpha 2-blocker) in decerebrate cats. These animals retain catecholaminergic fibers from the complex of the locus coeruleus to the spinal cord and have synergic and faster micturition cycles than normal cats. Twenty-nine male cats were made decerebrate(More)
We present a computational study of the solution of the Falkner-Skan equation (a third-order boundary value problem arising in boundary-layer theory) using high-order and high-order-compact finite differences schemes. There are a number of previously reported solution approaches that adopt a reduced-order system of equations, and numerical methods such as:(More)
We consider the optimal cooling of an electronic circuit plate, which is subject to internal heating sources. The constitutive equations are obtained by modeling the circuit as a parabolic partial differential equation. The properties of the materials (specific heat, density and conductivity), are constant by part over the space domain. Robin boundary(More)
The pathology of acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis is characterized by perivascular cellular infiltrates in the central nervous system. Our hypothesis is that this immuno-pharmacological process can activate the circulating and tissular kallikrein-kinin systems. We studied 21 New Zealand rabbits inoculated with a homogenate of guinea-pig spinal(More)
The cause of urinary retention during the phase of spinal shock is still uncertain. In the cat with intact spinal cord, reflex voiding shows a coordination between the longitudinal and circular urethral muscles, the detrusor and the periurethral striated muscles. After transection of the spinal cord in cervical and/or thoracic segments, 26 of 28 cats failed(More)