Carlos A. Capoano

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Spermatogenesis is a complex differentiation process that involves the successive and simultaneous execution of three different gene expression programs: mitotic proliferation of spermatogonia, meiosis, and spermiogenesis. Testicular cell heterogeneity has hindered its molecular analyses. Moreover, the characterization of short, poorly represented cell(More)
Spats1 encodes the first reported testis-specific protein containing a long serine stretch. Besides, it bears a probable bipartite nuclear localization signal. Here, we describe the expression pattern of Spats1 in rat along embryonic and postnatal testis development by immunoblots and confocal immunohistochemistry. Spats1 is first expressed in the embryo at(More)
BC1 is a short non-coding RNA from rodents, which is transcribed by RNA pol III. Its RNA is highly abundant in the brain, where it exerts a post-transcriptional regulatory role in dendrites. Upon transcription, retroposition and insertion, BC1 gives rise to a subclass of short interspersed repetitive sequences (SINEs) named identifier (ID) elements. IDs can(More)
MTCH2 has been described in liver as a protein involved in the intrinsic apoptotic pathway, although new evidence also associates this protein with cellular metabolism. In this work, the expression of MTCH2 in testis (an organ in which high levels of apoptosis normally take place as part of the spermatogenic process) is analyzed in rat, both at the mRNA and(More)
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