Carlos A. Cadavid

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INTRODUCTION Critically ill patients can develop hyperglycaemia even if they do not have diabetes. Intensive insulin therapy decreases morbidity and mortality rates in patients in a surgical intensive care unit (ICU) and decreases morbidity in patients in a medical ICU. The effect of this therapy on patients in a mixed medical/surgical ICU is unknown. Our(More)
BACKGROUND Blood levels of insulin in patients with critical illness at admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) and its association with in-hospital mortality are not fully defined. Our objective was to determine this association in a cohort of patients with critical illness who attended in a mixed ICU. METHODS Prospective cohort was nested in a(More)
The objectives of this pilot trial were to assess the safety of a new device for pulmonary embolism (PE) prophylaxis. The device, the Angel Catheter, was placed in eight patients who were in the intensive care unit and were at high risk of PE. The device was inserted at the bedside without fluoroscopic guidance via a femoral venous approach. All eight(More)
In surface reconstruction from planar cross sections it is necessary to build surfaces between 2D contours in consecutive cross sections. This problem has been traditionally attacked by (i) direct reconstruction based on local geometric proximity between the contours, and (ii) classification of topological events between the cross sections. These approaches(More)
Geometric characteristics of 2-manifolds embedded in R space have been analyzed from the point of view of differential geometry and topology. In the past, results relevant to these areas have been found for C curves and surfaces. However, current scientific, industrial, entertainment and medical applications, and availability of more powerful point sampling(More)
Traditionally, the data generated by industrial metrology software is stored as static reports that metrology experts produce for engineering and production departments. Nevertheless, industry demands new approaches that provide ubiquitous and real time access to overall geometry, manufacturing and other data. Web3D technologies can help to improve the(More)