Carlos A Apestegui

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The combination of positron emission tomography (PET) with computed tomography (PET-CT) provides simultaneous metabolic and anatomic information on tumors in the same imaging session. Sensitivity of PET/PET-CT is higher for intrahepatic (>90%) than for extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) (about 60%). The detection rate of distant metastasis is 100%. PET,(More)
BACKGROUND New strategies have been developed to expand indications for liver surgery. The objective was to evaluate the current practice worldwide regarding critical liver mass and manipulation of the liver volume. METHODS A survey was sent to 133 liver centers worldwide, which focused on (a) critical liver volume, (b) preoperative manipulation of the(More)
Bleeding during liver surgery and liver transplantation (LT) can be caused by coagulation disorders, portal vein hypertension, and adhesions from previous surgical procedures. We describe here how we controlled life-threatening bleeding from a portal vein anastomosis during a third cadaveric LT, by using a carrier-bound sealant (TachoSil). This technique(More)
Neuroendocrine tumor (NET) metastases represent at this moment the only accepted indication of liver transplantation (LT) for liver secondaries. Between 1984-2007, nine (1.1%) of 824 adult LTs were performed because of NET. There were five well differentiated functioning NETs (four carcinoids and one gastrinoma), three well differentiated non functioning(More)
A prospective and multicenter study was performed to determine the efficacy and tolerance of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) in the treatment of gallstones and biliary sludge. Criteria for entry into the trial were radiolucent gallbladder stones; until 20 mm of size and visualization of the gallbladder by oral cholecystography. Too were treatment the patients(More)
A 52-year-old, obese, female patient was referred for a right inguinal mass, which appeared seven months after a laparoscopic hysterectomy, which was performed because of myomatosis. Despite several examinations, including ultrasound, computed tomography (CT)-Scan, positron emission tomography (PET)-CT, and ultrasound-guided biopsy, the diagnosis remained(More)
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