Carlos A. Amo

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The brain magnetic activity patterns in a high load probe-letter (targets and distractors) memory task were examined in patients with Alzheimers's disease (AD) and elderly controls. Control subjects showed a higher number of activity sources over the temporal and parietal cortex between 400 and 700 ms after stimulus onset. However, AD patients showed a(More)
Chinese differs from Indo-European languages in both its written and spoken forms. Being a tonal language, tones convey lexically meaningful information. The current study examines patterns of neurophysiological activity in temporal and temporoparietal brain areas as speakers of two Indo-European languages (Spanish and English) and speakers of(More)
BACKGROUND Many reports support the clinical validity of volumetric MRI measurements in Alzheimer's disease. OBJECTIVE To integrate functional brain imaging data derived from magnetoencephalography (MEG) and volumetric data in patients with Alzheimer's disease and in age matched controls. METHODS MEG data were obtained in the context of a probe-letter(More)
AIM We went through a critical review of the current status of neuroimaging studies of cognition. Thus, we argue why the use of a neuronal network perspective could led us to a better understanding of cognition than a localizationism perspective. METHOD The question about how cognitive functions are organized in the brain, comes from the very early(More)
INTRODUCTION Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) is a term that is not included in DSM IV or in ICD 10, which are the diagnostic tools most commonly used by clinical professionals but can offer problems in research when it comes to finding homogenous groups. DEVELOPMENT From a neuropaediatric point of view, there is a need for a classification of the(More)
The presence of depression is common among the elderly and it often complicates the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this study, we searched for brain activity measures that characterise AD. We compared brain magnetic activity profiles during a memory task, obtained from patients with AD, elderly patients with late onset depression, and age(More)
INTRODUCTION The diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) continues to be neurophysiologically and clinically controversial. This study attempts to find the correlation between the subjective symptomatology and the neurophysiological affectation, establishing a diagnostic guide for the family doctor in order to recognize early CTS for referral to the(More)
Force spectroscopy is enhancing our understanding of single-biomolecule, single-cell, and nanoscale mechanics. Force spectroscopy postulates the proportionality between the interaction force and the instantaneous probe deflection. By studying the probe dynamics, we demonstrate that the total force acting on the probe has three different components: the(More)
We describe a fronto-temporal paroxysmal rhythmic activity registered by magnetoencephalography (MEG) in two patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) without SSRIs treatment. The localization of the activity involves cingulate cortex and frontal areas. We think that these MEG findings are related to the disease itself, rather than representing(More)
The purpose of the study is to present a method (Selfcorr) by which to measure intersession latency differences between multifocal VEP (mfVEP) signals. The authors compared the intersession latency difference obtained using a correlation method (Selfcorr) against that obtained using a Template method. While the Template method cross-correlates the subject’s(More)