Carlos Álvarez-Dardet

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BACKGROUND Perpetrators' experiences of violence during childhood are considered a risk factor for intimate partner violence (IPV). The objective of this study is to systematically review the characteristics and quality of papers which analyse the association between being battered during childhood, witnessing marital violence as a child within the family(More)
Consistência interna e confiabilidade da versão em português do Instrumento de Avaliação da Atenção Primária (PCATool-Brasil) para serviços de saúde infantil Internal consistency and reliability of Primary Care Assessment Tool (PCATool-Brasil) for child health services Abstract Health strategies based on primary health care have been expanding in Brazil. An(More)
BACKGROUND Male alcohol consumption is one of the accepted risk factors for intimate partner violence. The aim of this study is to assess the magnitude of the association between male alcohol consumption and intimate partner violence against women and the quality of the evidence of published papers exploring this relationship empirically. METHODS(More)
Since the publication of the above paper, as a result of further analyses on the cohort, we have identified an error in the coding of the milk and egg consumption for some families. This occurred because the Boyd Orr childhood dietary data record family consumption in weekly amounts and the database used in recoding dietary intake for this paper was a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim was to investigate the association between mothers' occupational exposure during pregnancy and the incidence of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in children. DESIGN The study was a case-control investigation. A face to face interview was used to assess exposures at work and relevant confounding variables. SETTING The study was(More)
OBJECTIVES It is well known that sex differences in analgesic prescription are not merely the logical result of greater prevalence of pain in women, since this therapeutic variability is related to factors such as educational level or social class. This study aims to analyse the relationship between analgesic prescription and gender development in different(More)
nimo (1, 2), preconizados por los de-fensores del neoliberalismo (3). En América Latina predomina el proceso de desmonte de las entidades y servi-cios públicos y la flexibilización laboral (4), llegando al extremo de violar leyes basadas en principios sociales univer
OBJECTIVE To explore policy options that public health specialists (PHS) consider appropriate for combating obesity in Europe, and compare their preferences with those of other stakeholders (non-PHS). DESIGN Structured interviews using multicriteria mapping, a computer-based, decision-support tool. SETTING Nine European countries. SUBJECTS A total of(More)
OBJECTIVE Eradication of poverty is Target 1 of the first of eight Millennium Development Goals, which were adopted by world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in the year 2000. This study aims to explore the influence of political and social context in the achievement of poverty eradication. METHODS A retrospective ecological study was(More)