CarloAlberto Ratti

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We study the embedding of spacetime filling D7–branes in β–deformed backgrounds which, according to the AdS/CFT dictionary, corresponds to flavoring β–deformed N = 4 super Yang–Mills. We consider supersymmetric and more general non–supersymmetric three parameter deformations. The equations of motion for quadratic fluctuations of a probe D7–brane wrapped on(More)
The role of equivalence class formation in delayed position recognition span performance was examined. Initially, the 3 subjects, adults with mental retardation, could not name the nine positions on the span test board. Thus, mnemonic facilitation of span performance based on position naming was not possible. Each subject, however, could name printed(More)
We investigate the properties of scalar and pseudo-scalar mesons at finite temperature and quark chemical potential in the framework of the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model coupled to the Polyakov loop (PNJL model) with the aim of taking into account features of both chiral symmetry breaking and deconfinement. The mesonic correlators are obtained by solving(More)
We investigate the behavior of a pair of heavy fermions, denoted by Q and ¯ Q, in a hot/dense medium. Although we have in mind the situation where Q and ¯ Q denote heavy quarks, our treatment will be limited to simplified models, which bear only some general similarities with QCD. We study in particular the limiting case where the mass of the heavy fermions(More)
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