Carlo Valfré

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this multi-institutional study was to review the 15-year outcome of patients who received isolated aortic or mitral valve replacement with the Hancock II bioprosthesis. METHODS From 1983 through 2002, 1274 patients underwent 1293 isolated valve replacements, 809 aortic valve replacements and 484 mitral valve replacements, at(More)
Subtle or discrete (class 3 in the classification of the European Society of Cardiology) dissection is the most neglected variant of aortic dissection. This study was conducted to define the clinical manifestations, diagnostic findings, and outcomes of subtle or discrete dissection involving the ascending aorta. The clinical and surgical records,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the diagnostic potential of transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography for the detection of traumatic cardiovascular injuries in patients suffering from severe blunt chest trauma. DESIGN Prospective study over a three year period. SETTING A regional cardiothoracic centre. PATIENTS 134 consecutive patients (94 M/40 F; mean(More)
Up to the end of 1982, reoperation for dehiscence of an aortic prosthesis was necessary in 5% of patients operated on for primary aortic valve replacement in the previous decade at the University of Padova Cardiac Surgery Center. This complication occurred early (median time to diagnosis 4 months) and was associated with an elevated 30-day operative(More)
Ninety-nine of 118 patients receiving cardiac valve replacements (n = 55) or coronary artery bypass grafts (n = 44) were studied before surgery and again one year after surgery. Psychological, social, and physical variables were assessed. For the 19 subjects not returning for follow-up, medical data collected by their general practitioner were available.(More)
OBJECTIVE The Hancock II (HII) is a second-generation porcine bioprosthesis introduced into clinical use in 1982. This study aimed to evaluate very long-term outcomes for the HII valve in a large patient population. METHODS Between May 1983 and November 1993, 517 consecutive patients (pts) (309 male, mean age: 64+/-9 years) underwent valve replacement(More)
From May 1985 to May 1992, 169 patients underwent surgery for mitral valve repair. In 87% of these patients, the valve reconstruction involved the mitral annulus. At the beginning, in an effort to preserve systolic movement of the annulus and avoid the implant of prosthetic materials inside the heart, we mainly used simple suture annuloplasty in 66(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Reduced heart rate variability (HRV), which reflects altered autonomic nervous system activity, has been suggested as one of the mechanisms linking depression to cardiovascular diseases. However, the relationship between depression and HRV has not yet been investigated in patients undergone(More)
INTRODUCTION Intraoperative left atrial radiofrequency (RF) ablation recently has been suggested as an effective surgical treatment for atrial fibrillation (AF). The aim of this study was to verify the outcome of this technique in a controlled multicenter trial. METHODS AND RESULTS One hundred three consecutive patients (39 men and 65 women; age 62 +/- 11(More)