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BACKGROUND Incubators are largely used to preserve preterm and sick babies from postnatal stressors, but their motors produce high electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Newborns are chronically exposed to these EMFs, but no studies about their effects on the fragile developing neonatal structure exist. AIM To verify whether the exposure to incubator motor(More)
Portable computers are often used at tight contact with the body and therefore are called "laptop." The authors measured electromagnetic fields (EMFs) laptop computers produce and estimated the induced currents in the body, to assess the safety of laptop computers. The authors evaluated 5 commonly used laptop of different brands. They measured EMF exposure(More)
Many attempts have been made to obtain safe and effective analgesia in newborns. Oral glucose-water has been found to have analgesic properties in neonates. We investigated whether other sensory stimulation added to oral glucose provided more effective analgesia than oral glucose alone. In a randomized prospective double-blind trial, we studied 120 term(More)
According to increasing evidence, hypothermia can significantly improve outcomes in term neonates manifesting asphyxic insult and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Oxidative stress plays a key role in hypoxic-ischemic and inflammatory brain injuries. We investigated the impact of hypothermia on oxidative stress in babies with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.(More)
AIM Prenatal education courses (PEC) are a way of allaying anxiety in pregnancy. PEC consist of a series of five 1-hour lessons in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. Conducted by nurses or midwives, the course syllabus includes the basics of fetal physiology and development, singing sessions, dance sessions, massage-through-the-womb sessions.(More)
AIMS To assess the analgesic effect of passive or active distraction during venipuncture in children. METHODS We studied 69 children aged 7-12 years undergoing venipuncture. The children were randomly divided into three groups: a control group (C) without any distraction procedure, a group (M) in which mothers performed active distraction, and a TV group(More)
Portable - or "laptop" - computers (LCs) are widely and increasingly used all over the world. Since LCs are often used in tight contact with the body even by pregnant women, fetal exposures to low frequency magnetic fields generated by these units can occur. LC emissions are usually characterized by complex waveforms and are often generated by the main AC(More)
AIM Sensorial saturation (SS) is a procedure in which touch, massage, taste, voice, smell, and sight compete with pain, producing almost complete analgesia during heel prick in neonates. SS is an apparently complex maneuvre, but when correctly explained it is easily learnt. In the present paper, we studied its feasibility, assessing whether a long training(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the amplification and distortion of noise in incubators by measuring noise levels from various sources under various conditions. STUDY DESIGN We recorded sound pressure levels (SPL) of background noise, baby crying, alarms and porthole closing with the incubator hood open or closed. Then we tried to reduce the sound level in the(More)
UNLABELLED Despite accumulating evidence that procedural pain experienced by newborn infants may have acute and even long-term detrimental effects on their subsequent behaviour and neurological outcome, pain control and prevention remain controversial issues. Our aim was to develop guidelines based on evidence and clinical practice for preventing and(More)