Carlo Spaccasassi

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We develop a theory of bisimulations for a simple language containing communicating transactions, obtained by dropping the isolation requirement of standard transactions. Such constructs have emerged as a useful programming abstraction for distributed systems. In systems with communicating transactions actions are tentative, waiting for certain transactions(More)
Consensus is an often occurring problem in concurrent and distributed programming. We present a programming language with simple semantics and build-in support for consensus in the form of communicating transactions. We motivate the need for such a construct with a characteristic example of generalized consensus which can be naturally encoded in our(More)
We present in this paper a web-based tool developed to enable expert elicitation of the probabilities associated with a Bayesian Network. The motivation behind this tool is to enable assessment of probabilities from a distributed team of experts when face-to-face elicitation is not an option, for instance because of time and budget constraints. In addition(More)
In the context of databases, a transaction is a sequence of data operations that are executed atomically and in isolation: either all operations are executed or none is; and their effects are visible to the environment only after the transaction commits. Database transactions are well-established abstractions that simplify concurrent data access in computer(More)
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