Carlo Signorelli

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BACKGROUND Emilia Romagna, a northern Italian region, has a population of 4.27 million, of which 9.7% are immigrants. The objective of this study was to investigate the epidemiology of tuberculosis (TB) during the period 1996-2006 in not Italy-born compared to Italy-born cases. METHODS Data was obtained from the Regional TB surveillance system, from where(More)
AIM The survey, supported by the National Health Institute (ISS), investigates on sources of information for HIV/AIDS and sexual behaviour of the Italian general population. METHODS The survey was carried out in four different Italian provinces with different geographical, social, and epidemiological patterns of HIV/AIDS: Bari, Milan, Parma, and Perugia.(More)
A recent large increase in Caesarean section (CS) in Italy was the initial stimulus for a study to identify risk factors for CS and, if possible, to suggest strategies to counteract the rise. The study was conducted in three hospitals where a wide range of individual variables was collected from the clinical records and from personal interviews. Crude CS(More)
BACKGROUND In 2012, the ItalianMinistry of Health issued the National Immunization Prevention Plan (Piano Nazionale Prevenzione Vaccinale, or PNPV 2012-2014), with the aim of harmonizing immunization strategies across the country and ensuring equitable access to infectious disease prevention to all citizens. The Plan defines the immunization standards all(More)
Air microbial sampling is a subject of great interest in different fields of human activity; however, generally accepted indications, concerning both the sampling methods to be used and the interpretation of the results, are still lacking. The whole theme is greatly debated and several problems remains to be solved. The aim of this article is to provide(More)
BACKGROUND HIV testing, with appropriate counseling, can help prevent the spread of HIV infection. This study is the first national survey in Italy that examines factors associated with serotesting among Italian heterosexuals and is part of a European Concerted Action. METHODS In 1998, a cross-sectional telephone survey was conducted on a random sample (n(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a mobile laminar airflow (LAF) unit in reducing bacterial contamination at the surgical area in an operating theatre supplied with turbulent air ventilation. Bacterial sedimentation was evaluated during 76 clean urological laparotomies; in 34 of these, a mobile LAF unit was added. During each operation,(More)
BACKGROUND The story of Human Papillomavirus vaccination demands reflection not only for its public health impact on the prophylactic management of HPV disease, but also for its relevant economic and social outcomes. Greater than ever data confirm the efficacy and support the urge for effective vaccination plans for both genders before sexual debut. (More)
AIMS A study was undertaken to examine patterns of voluntary HIV testing among heterosexuals across Europe. METHODS Cross-sectional surveys on sexual behaviour and HIV were performed including probability samples of the general population ages 18-49 years in Greece (n = 2,000), Italy (n = 2,603), Switzerland (n = 2,777), and Norway (n = 3,704). RESULTS(More)
Although influenza vaccination is recognized to be safe and effective, recent studies have confirmed that immunization coverage among health care workers remain generally low, especially among medical residents (MRs). Aim of the present multicenter study was to investigate attitudes and determinants associated with acceptance of influenza vaccination among(More)