Carlo Scagliola

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WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES The main goal of the workshop is to assess the state of the art of the theory and the applications of multiple classifier systems and related approaches. Contributions from all the research communities working in the field are welcome in order to compare the different approaches and to define the common research priorities. Special(More)
Segmentation-by-recognition is a successful approach for recognizing cursively handwritten words. Its main strength is that the interdependence of strokes forming a letter is correctly taken into account by the use of a character recognizer, that evaluates an aggregate of strokes (character hypothesis) as a whole. However, a straightforward implementation(More)
This paper describes the recognition of container code characters in the project Mocont-II, where container images are taken in largely varying light situations. The recognition system has to deal with gray-level characters showing a wide variability of brightness and contrast, varying inclination, segmentation uncertainties, damaged characters and the(More)
The adjustment of the metric (features weighting) and the optimisation of the position of prototypes in the feature space are two of most important problems in minimum distance classifiers. This paper presents a new method to deal with these two problems based on the maximisation of a fuzzy recognition rate functional. The functional is a result of an easy(More)