Carlo Sanchez

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Somatic embryogenesis was induced in expanding leaf explants excised from epicormic shoots forced from branch segments taken at four different times of year from a mature oak (Quercus robur L.). Branch segments 2–4 cm in diameter produced most shoots when collected in March. Somatic embryos were induced on explants derived from branches of all collection(More)
The relationship between protein conformational stability in aqueous solution and the magnitude of lyophilization-induced structural changes was investigated employing alpha- and gamma-chymotrypsin. As a measure of the conformational stability the melting temperature T(m) was determined in distilled water at various pH values. The proteins were then(More)
In an effort to probe for metal binding to metallo-β-lactamase (MβL) IMP-1, the enzyme was overexpressed, purified, and characterized. The resulting enzyme was shown to bind 2 equiv of Zn(II), exhibit significant catalytic activity, and yield EXAFS results similar to crystallographic data previously reported. Rapid kinetic studies showed that IMP-1 does not(More)
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