Carlo Rovelli

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In this internship report, we present Carlo Rovelli’s relational interpretation of quantum mechanics, focusing on its historical and conceptual roots. A critical analysis of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen argument is then put forward, which suggests that the phenomenon of ‘quantum non-locality’ is an artifact of the orthodox interpretation, and not a physical(More)
The problem of describing the quantum behavior of gravity, and thus understanding quantum spacetime, is still open. Loop quantum gravity is a well-developed approach to this problem. It is a mathematically well-defined background-independent quantization of general relativity, with its conventional matter couplings. Today research in loop quantum gravity(More)
Spin foam models are hoped to provide the dynamics of loop-quantum gravity. However, the most popular of these, the Barrett-Crane model, does not have the good boundary state space and there are indications that it fails to yield good low-energy n-point functions. We present an alternative dynamics that can be derived as a quantization of a Regge(More)
Hundred and forty-four years have elapsed between the publication of Copernicus’s De Revolutionibus, which has opened the great scientific revolution of the XVII century, and the publication of Newton’s Principia, the final synthesis that has brought that revolution to a spectacularly successful end. During those hundred and forty-four years, the basic(More)
We consider the cluster of problems raised by the relation between the notion of time, gravitational theory, quantum theory and thermodynamics; in particular, we address the problem of relating the ”timelessness” of the hypothetical fundamental general covariant quantum field theory with the ”evidence” of the flow of time. By using the algebraic formulation(More)