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—A novel speed sensorless indirect field-oriented control for the full-order model of the induction motor is presented. It provides local exponential tracking of smooth speed and flux amplitude reference signals together with local exponential field orientation, on the basis of stator current measurements only and under assumption of unknown constant load(More)
—In recent years, ever more stringent requirements in terms of emissions control, driveability, and safety of automobiles have led to the development of the drive by wire (DBW) concept, a new architecture for engine control systems, with the purpose of managing air, fuel and ignition in an integrated way. The throttle control plays an important role in the(More)
BACKGROUND Current clinical and histopathological criteria used to define the prognosis of melanoma patients are inadequate for accurate prediction of clinical outcome. We investigated whether genome screening by means of high-throughput gene microarray might provide clinically useful information on patient survival. METHODS Forty-three tumor tissues from(More)
The canonical Wnt signaling pathway is involved in a variety of biological processes like cell proliferation, cell polarity, and cell fate determination. This pathway has been extensively investigated as its deregulation is linked to different diseases, including various types of cancer, skeletal defects, birth defect disorders (including neural tube(More)
BACKGROUND Within the context of a European network dedicated to the study of sarcoma the relevant literature on sarcoma risk factors was collected by searching PubMed and Google Scholar, the two information storage and retrieval databases which can be accessed without charge. The present study aims to appraise the relative proficiency of PubMed and Google(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of current anticancer treatments is far from satisfactory and many patients still die of their disease. A general agreement exists on the urgency of developing molecularly targeted therapies, although their implementation in the clinical setting is in its infancy. In fact, despite the wealth of preclinical studies addressing these(More)