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10Roberto Ceravolo
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—In recent years, ever more stringent requirements in terms of emissions control, driveability, and safety of automobiles have led to the development of the drive by wire (DBW) concept, a new architecture for engine control systems, with the purpose of managing air, fuel and ignition in an integrated way. The throttle control plays an important role in the(More)
—A novel speed sensorless indirect field-oriented control for the full-order model of the induction motor is presented. It provides local exponential tracking of smooth speed and flux amplitude reference signals together with local exponential field orientation, on the basis of stator current measurements only and under assumption of unknown constant load(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of current anticancer treatments is far from satisfactory and many patients still die of their disease. A general agreement exists on the urgency of developing molecularly targeted therapies, although their implementation in the clinical setting is in its infancy. In fact, despite the wealth of preclinical studies addressing these(More)
Seven patients with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD) and pathological gambling (PG) and 7 PD patients without PG were investigated by functional MRI and a block-design experiment with gambling-related visual cues alternating with neutral stimuli and rest periods. Compared with PD/non-PG, in PD/PG patients, several areas of increased cue-related blood(More)
Cell encapsulation technology raises great hopes in medicine and biotechnology. Transplantation of encapsulated pancreatic islets represents a promising approach to the final cure of type 1 diabetes mellitus. Unfortunately, long-term graft survival and functional competence remain only partially fulfilled. Failure was often ascribed to the lack of(More)
We performed 123I-FP-CIT/SPECT and ECD/SPECT in 30 patients with Parkinson's disease with dementia (PDD) and 30 patients with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) to evaluate whether presynaptic nigro-striatal function and/or cerebral perfusional pattern is different in these diseases. The striatal uptake of DAT tracer was statistically significantly lower in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate dopaminergic function in a large cohort of patients with corticobasal syndrome (CBS) and describe its relationship with clinical features in comparison to Parkinson's disease and healthy control subjects. In addition, we assessed prevalence and features of individuals with CBS and in vivo evidence of preserved nigral neuronal(More)
The overlap among tremor disorders is wide and complex because essential tremor patients may present resting tremor coexisting with postural tremor, while postural may coexist with resting tremor in Parkinson's disease. We investigated dopamine transporter binding in 61 subjects presenting with isolated atypical tremors defined as unilateral either(More)
Psychiatric disorders are common in Parkinson's disease (PD) and hallucinations are observed in nearly 40% of PD patients. The involvement of dopaminergic system in the pathogenesis of psychosis has been sustained by most of the authors even if several evidences indicate that multiple neurochemical substrates might underlie psychosis in PD. In PD there is(More)