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The effect of treatment with oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, on GH response to GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) has been evaluated in children with constitutional growth delay. Five subjects, four males and one female, aged 11.0-17.1 years were given oxandrolone 0.1 mg/kg p.o. daily for 2 months, and underwent acute administration of GHRH (GRF 1-40, 1(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory allergies are inversely related to early acquisition of food-borne and fecal-oral infections, consumption of unpasteurized milk, early exposure to stables and high endotoxin concentrations in a farming environment. We tested therefore if infection by Salmonella in early life can protect from development of respiratory allergies later(More)
Plasma levels of gonadotropins, PRL, T4, and adrenal and gonadal steroids were measured in two groups of 7- to 9-yr-old and 10- to 11-yr-old obese prepubertal girls, and were compared to those found in groups of nonobese girls of the same age. The data found in normal weight subjects confirm the data reported in the literature, showing a significant rise(More)
We have evaluated the plasma GH response to a single injection of 1 microgram/kg of GH-releasing hormone (GHRH)-40 in 15 obese children and 15 age-matched control children. Most of the obese children showed a subnormal plasma GH response to GHRH and the mean plasma GH integrated area (IC-GH) following stimulation was significantly smaller in obese than(More)
Hexarelin (Hex) is a new synthetic hexapeptide with potent growth hormone (GH)-releasing activity in both animals and men. We evaluated the GH response to a maximal dose of Hex (2 micrograms/kg iv) and GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) (1-29, 1 microgram/kg iv) in 45 short normal children (24 males and 21 females, age 5.9-14 yr, 24 prepubertal and 21 in Tanner(More)
Cryptic 21-hydroxylase deficiency has been previously described in asymptomatic family members of patients with classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). These family members were detected by high baseline 17-hydroxyprogesterone levels found in the course of family studies. The hormonal responses to ACTH of the family members with cryptic(More)
We have evaluated baseline and l-dopa-stimulated peripheral growth hormone releasing hormone (pGHRH) secretion in 6 obese pre-pubertal children and in 7 age-matched controls. Baseline pGHRH levels were no different between obese (36.6 +/- 9.8 pg/ml, mean +/- SE) and control children (40.6 +/- 10.1 pg/ml). Administration of l-dopa (500 mg po) caused a(More)
We have evaluated the effect of acute administration of pyridostigmine bromide, a cholinesterase inhibitor, on the GHRH-induced GH rise in 11 obese children and in 8 age-matched controls. The GH response to GHRH (hpGRF 1-40, 1 microgram/kg iv), evaluated both as maximum GH peak and as integrated area under the curve, was significantly lower in the obese(More)
We have evaluated the effect of acute administration of atenolol, a selective beta-adrenergic antagonist, on the GH response to GHRH in nine obese children and in eight age-matched controls. The GH response to GHRH (1-29, 1 microgram/kg iv), evaluated both as the GH peak and as integrated area under the curve, was significantly lower in the obese children(More)