Carlo Petronio

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We classify the orientable finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds having non-empty compact totally geodesic boundary and admitting an ideal triangula-tion with at most four tetrahedra. We also compute the volume of all such manifolds, we describe their canonical Kojima decomposition, and we discuss manifolds having cusps. The manifolds built from one or two(More)
In this paper we enumerate and classify the " simplest " pairs (M, G) where M is a closed orientable 3-manifold and G is a trivalent graph embedded in M. To enumerate the pairs we use a variation of Matveev's definition of complexity for 3-manifolds, and we consider only (0, 1, 2)-irreducible pairs, namely pairs (M, G) such that any 2-sphere in M(More)
We enumerate all spaces obtained by gluing in pairs the faces of the octahedron in an orientation-reversing fashion. Whenever such a gluing gives rise to non-manifold points, we remove small open neighbourhoods of these points, so we actually deal with three-dimensional manifolds with (possibly empty) boundary. There are 298 combinatorially inequivalent(More)
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