Carlo Meghini

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Research on multimedia information retrieval (MIR) has recently witnessed a booming interest. A prominent feature of this research trend is its simultaneous but independent materialization within several fields of computer science. The resulting richness of paradigms, methods and systems may, on the long run, result in a fragmentation of efforts and slow(More)
According to the logical model of Information Retrieval (IR), the task of IR can be described as the extraction, from a given document base, of those documents d that, given a query q, make the formula d ! q valid, where d and q are formulae of the chosen logic and \!" denotes the brand of logical implication formalized by the logic in question. In this(More)
Data fragmentation is an important aspect of distributed database design, in which portions of relations, tailored to the specific needs of local applications, are defined to be further allocated to the sites of the computer network supporting the database system. In this paper we present a theory of fragmentation with overlapping fragments to study the(More)
Images are a communication medium, hence objects of a linguistic nature having a form and a content. The form of an image is the image appearance and is understood as depicting a scene, the image content. The relationship between the form of an image and its content is established through a process of interpretation, capturing the meaning of the image form.(More)
A query language for Digital Libraries is presented, which offers access to documents by structure and sophisticated usage of metadata. The language is based on a mathematical model of digital library documents, centered around a multilevel representation of documents as versions, views and manifestations. The core of the model is the notion of document(More)
The paper addresses a fundamental problem for image retrieval systems: how is the content information to be used in answering user queries? Our answer to this question is a retrieval model based on logic that offers: (a) an abstract representation of the visual appearance of an image allowing to incorporate in a principled way any image retrieval technique(More)