Carlo Massoni

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An investigative study was carried out for 2 years involving 124 randomly selected early postmenopausal women with spine bone mineral density (BMD) below the mean value of a normal premenopausal subject. After random division into three groups, the first 42 patients were treated with transcutaneous 17-beta-estradiol (50 micrograms daily), the second 42 were(More)
Forty-five patients who presented between 1983 and 1998 with acute closed dislocation of the subtalar joint were selected for this study. There were 37 medial and eight lateral dislocations. The mean follow-up was 7.5 years (range: 2–17 years). The mean American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Hindfoot Score (AOFAS) at follow-up was 84. Subtalar fusion(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the preliminary results of arthroscopic thermal capsular shrinkage performed for chronic lateral ankle instability in soccer players. TYPE OF STUDY Case series. METHODS We reviewed 22 male soccer players (average age, 18 years) with chronic lateral ankle instability who underwent arthroscopic thermal(More)
We report the results of long-term cyclical clodronate therapy (200 mg IV infusion every 3 weeks) on 235 women with postmenopausal osteoporosis recruited over 6 years. A retrospective analysis of clinical and instrumental findings in 183 postmenopausal osteoporotic patients was used as control data. Clodronate was well-tolerated and compliance was good.(More)
A 49-year-old woman had a haemangiopericytoma in the distal third of the arm, which is an extremely rare location. There was no recurrence of the tumor 5 years after wide margin surgical excision. Présentation d’un cas d’hémangiopéricytome du tiers distal du bras chez une femme de 49 ans. Une résection large a été faite. Il n’y a pas de récidive au recul de(More)
BACKGROUND This study presents the preliminary results of a new arthroscopic technique consisting of the association of 2 procedures, capsulolabral repair and subscapularis augmentation tenodesis, in the treatment of traumatic anterior shoulder instability with both glenoid bone loss and a Hill-Sachs lesion. METHODS Eighty-nine patients engaged in sports(More)
PURPOSE To assess the short-term outcomes of the arthroscopic subscapularis augmentation (ASA) technique, consisting of a tenodesis of the upper third of the subscapularis tendon and a Bankart repair, and its effect on shoulder external rotation. METHODS Patients selected for this study were involved in contact sports, with a history of traumatic(More)
The treatment of chronic shoulder instability with poor quality of the anterior capsulolabral tissue is still controversial. In these cases the Latarjet procedure is certainly more effective in preventing recurrence than an arthroscopic capsular repair. However, several studies have reported a variety of severe complications related to the Latarjet(More)
PURPOSE The treatment of chronic anterior shoulder instability with glenoid bone loss is still debated. The purpose of this study is to compare short-term results of two techniques treating chronic shoulder instability with moderate glenoid bone loss: bone block according to open Latarjet-Patte procedure and arthroscopic Bankart repair in association with(More)
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