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Radiofrequency ablation procedures inside the left atrial appendage (LAA) are likely to involve dangerous complications because of a high thrombogenic effect. Cryoablation procedures are supposed to be safer. We describe two cases of successful cryoablation procedures. Two NavX-guided cryoablations of permanent focal atrial arrhythmias arising from the LAA(More)
In this paper we introduce the new configuration of the EU-ClueScanner model (EUCS100) that is designed for evaluating the impact of policy alternatives on the European territory at the high spatial resolution of 100 meters. The high resolution in combination with the vast extent of the model called for considerable reprogramming to optimize processing(More)
Green infrastructure (GI), a network of nature, semi-natural areas and green space, delivers essential ecosystem services which underpin human well-being and quality of life. Maintaining ecosystem services through the development of GI is therefore increasingly recognized by policies as a strategy to cope with potentially changing conditions in the future.(More)
Current developments in the field of land use modelling point towards greater level of spatial and thematic resolution and the possibility to model large geographical extents. Improvements are taking place as computational capabilities increase and socioeconomic and environmental data are produced with sufficient detail. Integrated approaches to land use(More)
An indicator framework for assessing ecosystem services in support of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020. Access to the published version may require subscription. a b s t r a c t In the EU, the mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services, abbreviated to MAES, is seen as a key action for the advancement of biodiversity objectives, and also to(More)
Shale gas is currently being explored in Europe as an alternative energy source to conventional oil and gas. There is, however, increasing concern about the potential environmental impacts of shale gas extraction by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In this study, we focussed on the potential impacts on regional water resources within the Baltic Basin in(More)
— The objectives and methodology of the MAMUD research project are presented in this paper. MAMUD is an acronym for Measuring and Modeling Urban Dynamics: Impact on Quality of Live and Hydrology. The research will be conducted over a four year period (2007-2011). The major goal is to investigate how earth observation can contribute to a better monitoring,(More)
The concepts of dynamic queries and query previews have shown to be useful in information systems because they allow users to search for information by directly manipulating a visual representation of the query and getting immediate and continuous feedback about the results. To enhance dynamic queries and query previews we combined them with dynamic screen(More)