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BACKGROUND Pharmacological treatment of depression in HIV-infected patients has been found to be effective. This study assessed the efficacy and feasibility of treatment with fluoxetine and the best method of administering the drug to patients with HIV infection. METHODS Sixteen seropositive and 16 seronegative patients, equally matched for age and sex,(More)
1. Several immunological abnormalities have been found in schizophrenia but their significance still remains largely unknown. In this study the authors analyzed mitogen-stimulated interleukin (IL)-2, Interferon gamma (IFN)-gamma and IL-10 (type 2 cytokine) production in a sample of 37 chronic schizophrenic patients as compared with a sample of 40 age and(More)
Evoked potentials and T-lymphocyte helper/suppressor ratio (H/S) were evaluated serially together with neurological status in 30 definite multiple sclerosis patients to evaluate their possible role in monitoring disease progression. Evoked potentials in many cases reflected the clinical status of the pathways tested, but some exceptions were observed,(More)
1. The knowledge of the pharmacokinetic profile of fluphenazine decanoate (FPZ-D) suggested it was suitable for treatment of schizophrenic patients not just during the maintenance phase of the disease but also during acute relapses. 2. 27 acute schizophrenic in-patients (diagnosed according to the DSM III) were treated with FPZ-D, 25 mg i.m. with repeated(More)
The Quality Extinction Test was used to detect lateralised abnormalities of hemispheric functions in schizophrenic patients. Course of illness significantly affected the distribution of tactile extinctions, chronic patients showing more left-side extinctions than sub-chronic ones. Ages significantly affected the number of left extinctions, and sex the(More)
An epidemiological survey on Multiple Sclerosis was carried out in 1975 with similar methods in 9 italian provinces: 4 in the North, 2 in central Italy and 3 in the south and islands. It was found that the incidence of the disease was partically uniform in the northern provinces, in the central Italy and in Bari province. It is important however to complete(More)
Forty-two schizophrenic patients and their close relatives took part in an Italian replication study of expressed emotion (EE). The patients were selected from the psychiatric ward of a general hospital in Milan and were subsequently followed up for nine months. All patients attended a community service clinic as out-patients, and all but one were(More)
Twenty-two patients with the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and their families were examined for HL-A antigens by the microlymphocytotoxicity test. The antigen HL-A7 belonging to the HL-A locus showed a significantly increased frequency (p less than 0.0005) both in parents and in patients. The same antigen showed a significantly altered segregation in patients but(More)