Carlo Kleber da Silva Rodrigues

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Peer-to-peer swarming protocols have been proven to be very efficient for content replication over Internet. This fact has certainly motivated proposals to adapt these protocols to meet the requirements of on-demand streaming system. The vast majority of these proposals focus on modifying the piece and peer selection policies, respectively, of the original(More)
The adaptation of the BitTorrent protocol to multimedia on-demand streaming systems essentially lies on the modification of its two core algorithms, namely the piece and the peer selection policies, respectively. Much more attention has though been given to the piece selection policy. Within this context, this article proposes three novel peer selection(More)
The deployment of a high-quality VoD service at low-bandwidth cost is still far from widespread. Moreover, DVD-like operations have recently become essential for applications using this type of service. Focusing on interactive access, this paper proposes the Efficient Interactive Patching (EIP) and Interactive Merge (IM) schemes. The former is an(More)
This paper proposes two novel optimized BitTorrent-like protocols for interactive multimedia streaming: the Simple Interactive Streaming Protocol (SISP) and the Exclusive Interactive Streaming Protocol (EISP). The former chiefly seeks a trade-off between playback continuity and data diversity, while the latter is mostly focused on playback continuity. To(More)
The great efficiency achieved by the BitTorrent protocol for the distribution of large amounts of data inspired its adoption to provide multimedia content on-demand delivery over the Internet. As it is not designed for this purpose, some adjustments have been proposed in order to meet the related QoS requirements like low startup delay and smooth playback(More)
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