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Several multicast bandwidth sharing techniques have been proposed in the literature to provide more scalability to multimedia servers. These techniques are often analyzed in terms of the average bandwidth requirements they demand to satisfy client requests. However, average values do not always provide an accurate estimate of the required bandwidth.(More)
The deployment of a high-quality VoD service at low-bandwidth cost is still far from widespread. Moreover, DVD-like operations have recently become essential for applications using this type of service. Focusing on interactive access, this paper proposes the Efficient Interactive Patching (EIP) and Interactive Merge (IM) schemes. The former is an(More)
Diana Matilde Menasché, que me ajudou a rever o português. Abstract of Thesis presented to COPPE/UFRJ as a partia1 fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) This thesis investigates a system where a set of users sharing a bottleneck link must choose the transmission rate at which multimedia traffic is received. Users are(More)
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