Carlo Iacucci

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Several works have been published describing group performances to experience ideas during early design phases. Beyond practical accounts, performances have been poorly considered in the design literature. By analysing some of these works along with ours, we have inferred three roles of performance in the design of interactive systems: exploring,(More)
The paper contrasts two views on knowing: those of the observer and the active actor in a situation. The paper suggests that there are design cases where performance can produce different knowledge. The paper reviews the use of performances in theatre and discusses a technique to use performances in the design of mobile services. The technique is(More)
Vicarious learning from others' dialogues Learning by observing spontaneous conversations between other learners is an educational task which has been proved to be effective (Cox et al. 1998). A challenging goal is to accomplish such a task through a tutoring system and to show how it can be usefully supported by formal accounts of educational dialogue. In(More)
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