Carlo Giovagnoli

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Analysis of the metal content, CD and EPR spectra, and reaction with H(2)O(2) and ferrocyanide have been carried out on E. coli superoxide dismutase, which contains manganese as the metal prosthetic group. The results obtained indicate that the metal is present in the enzyme as a high spin Mn(III) complex of highly distorted octahedral symmetry, in the(More)
(1) 45% of the total copper of green zucchini ascorbate oxidase is EPR-detectable. At least two species of copper are present, one with a small A∥ (Type 1) and one with a large A∥ (Type 2). Computer simulated spectra indicated 50% contribution by each type of copper. (2) Azide inhibited ascorbate oxidase activity by an uncompetitive mechanism. EPR and(More)
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