Carlo Froglia

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The Mediterranean Sea is a marine biodiversity hot spot. Here we combined an extensive literature analysis with expert opinions to update publicly available estimates of major taxa in this marine ecosystem and to revise and update several species lists. We also assessed overall spatial and temporal patterns of species diversity and identified major changes(More)
We present a contribution to the knowledge of marine and brackish water alien species (infraspecific taxa included) recorded along the Italian coasts. The Italian Peninsula, with over 7,000 km of coastline, is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, splitting the Western and the Eastern basins. Data were collected from published material, mostly(More)
Rapido trawls are used to catch sole around the coast of Italy and to catch scallops in the northern Adriatic Sea but little is known about the environmental impact of this gear. Benthic surveys of a commercial scallop ground using a towed underwater television (UWTV) sledge revealed an expansive area of level, sandy sediment at 25 m characterized by high(More)
Testis of the Teleostean fish Trisopterus minutus capelanus has been examined to study the organization of the seminiferous tubules and the ultrastructural features of the germ cells. The testis is shown to be composed of seminiferous tubules full of cells: only few of them have just a very narrow lumen. Each tubule is divided by thin septa of connective(More)
During an experimental trawl survey carried out by the R/V “Hannibal” in June 2006 several specimens of the Western-Atlantic penaeid shrimp Rimapenaeus similis (Smith, 1885) were caught in the Gulf of Gabes (southern Tunisia, Central Mediterranean). This represents the first recording of Rimapenaeus similis in Tunisian waters and for the Mediterranean Sea.(More)
Marta Coll*, Chiara Piroddi, Jeroen Steenbeek, Kristin Kaschner, Frida Ben Rais Lasram, Jacopo Aguzzi, Enric Ballesteros, Carlo Nike Bianchi, Jordi Corbera, Thanos Dailianis, Roberto Danovaro, Marta Estrada, Carlo Froglia, Bella S. Galil, Josep M. Gasol, Ruthy Gertwagen, João Gil, François Guilhaumon, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes, Miltiadis-Spyridon Kitsos,(More)
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