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Thirty coral-derived calcium carbonate-based macroporous constructs with limited hydrothermal conversion to hydroxyapatite (7% HA/CC) were implanted in the rectus abdominis of three adult non-human primate Papio ursinus to investigate the intrinsic induction of bone formation. Macroporous constructs with 125 microg human recombinant osteogenic protein-1(More)
This paper examines the biochemical and behaviour changes induced by an acute stress (five 10-s, 1-mA foot-shocks) in three groups of rats: (1) never stressed, (2) subjected to chronic variate stress for 20 days, (3) subjected to the same chronic stress and treated with 5 mg/kg per day amitriptyline. After 15 min, acute stress led to a marked reduction in(More)
The mnemonic performances of male and female rats were compared in an object recognition test. Females were still able to recognize a previously identified object after a 90-min between-trial interval, compared with only 60 min in the males. Because histamine (HA) involvement in memory processes has been strongly suggested, the effect of H3-HA autoreceptor(More)
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  • International journal of oral and maxillofacial…
  • 2008
The aim of this study was to test the performance of poly-L-lactic/polyglycolic acid (PLLA/PGA) co-polymer plates and screws in the fixation of mandibular fractures. Following clinical and radiographic examination, internal fixation was achieved with PLLA/PGA co-polymer plates and screws in 31 patients. Elastic maxillomandibular fixation was maintained for(More)
Peroxisome proliferators-activated receptors (PPARs) are ligand-activated transcription factors that belong to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. The three PPAR isoforms (alpha, gamma and beta/delta) have been found to play a pleiotropic role in cell fat metabolism. Furthermore, in recent years, evidence has been found regarding the(More)
The last few decades of basic science research have provided an increased understanding of the role of osteogenic glycoproteins in bone formation. The isolation of such molecules now permits de novo orthotopic induction with increasing evidence of the ability to also induce bone growth in heterotopic sites. The current editorial focuses on the basic science(More)
The biochemical effects of minaprine, a new psychotropic drug, were investigated on striatal dopaminergic neurons in the rat. Minaprine did not displace [3H]spiperone in-vitro binding from striatal membranes but had clear effects on dopamine (DA) metabolites. Homovanillic acid (HVA) and dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) were significantly decreased in a(More)
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are ligand-activated nuclear receptors. Three subtypes of PPARs (alpha, beta, and gamma) have been identified in different tissues. PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma ligands inhibit cell proliferation and induce differentiation in several human cell models. We demonstrated that both PPAR alpha (clofibrate and(More)
Rationale: Several lines of evidence have indicated that the central histaminergic system might be involved in learning and memory Objectives: The aim of the present study was to ascertain the impact on memory processes of putative histaminergic–cholinergic interactions in the nucleus basalis magnocellularis (NBM) of the rat. Methods: The effects of(More)