Carlo Crescenzi

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A chimeric CYCLIN D1-TROP2 mRNA was isolated from human ovarian and mammary cancer cells. The CYCLIN D1-TROP2 mRNA was shown to be a potent oncogene as it transforms naïve, primary cells in vitro and induces aggressive tumor growth in vivo in cooperation with activated RAS. Silencing of the chimeric mRNA inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. The(More)
last year, hard-nosed scientists and art historians had a joint study day. The Wellcome Trust, the world's largest medical research charity, has recently been using some of its money to encourage collaboration of scientists and artists, through the Sci~Art competition. It's a laudable aim but the cynical, including this runner-up, suspect some winning(More)
Analysis of compounds present in complex matrices is always a challenge, which can be partly overcome by applying various sample preparation techniques prior to detection. Ideally, the extraction techniques should be as selective as possible, to minimize the concentration of interfering substances. In addition, results can be improved by efficient(More)
Distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) are otoacoustic emissions evoked by two pure tones. The greatest advantage of DPOAEs is their frequency specificity with respect to the eliciting bitonal stimuli. The purpose of this study was to compare DPOAEs in two populations. This paper reports input/output DPOAEs functions and DPOAE-audiograms for(More)
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