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University " La Sapienza " Dealing with simplicial decompositions which are dimension independent allows for the convergence of disparate viewpoints from computer graphics, solid and geometric modeling. In this framework it is possible to treat in a unified manner several geometric problems, such as solid modeling of articulated objects, simplicial(More)
The article is devoted to the description of the results of wavelet analysis of fetal heart rate detecting by cardiotocography method. A number of conclusions are made on the base of such an analysis. It is a part of the research program of creation of a new diagnostic model estimating fetal conditions in antepartum period.
The multifractal analysis of binary images of DNA is studied in order to define a methodological approach to the classification of DNA sequences. This method is based on the computation of some multifractality parameters on a suitable binary image of DNA, which takes into account the nucleotide distribution. The binary image of DNA is obtained by a dot-plot(More)
The morphology of dendritic spines is highly correlated with the neuron function. Therefore, it is of positive influence for the research of the dendritic spines. However, it is tired to manual labeling the spine types for statics analysis. In this work, we proposed an approach based on the combination of wavelet contour analysis for the backbone detection,(More)
This paper deals with the digital complex representation of a DNA sequence and the analysis of existing correlations by wavelets. The symbolic DNA sequence is mapped into a nonlinear time series. By studying this time series the existence of fractal shapes and symmetries will be shown. At first step, the indicator matrix enables us to recognize some typical(More)
This paper deals with the sequence analysis of acute myeloid leukemia mRNA. Six transcript variants of mlf1 mRNA, with more than 2000 bps, are analyzed by focusing on the autocorrelation of each distribution. Through the correlation matrix, some patches and similarities are singled out and commented, with respect to similar distributions. The comparison of(More)