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Managing the bandwidth allocated to a Label Switched Path in MPLS networks plays a major role for provisioning of Quality of Service and efficient use of resources. In doing so, two main contrasting factors have to be considered: not only the bandwidth should be adapted to the traffic profile but also the effort for bandwidth renegotiation associated with a(More)
The aim of this paper is to provide a theoretical set up and a mathematical model for the problem of image reconstruction. The original image belongs to a family of two-dimensional (2-D) possibly discontinuous functions, but is blurred by a Gaussian point spread function introduced by the measurement device. In addition, the blurred image is corrupted by an(More)
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has recently become one of the primary methods for noninvasive probing of the human retina. The pseudoimage formed by OCT (the so-called B-scan) varies probabilistically across pixels due to complexities in the measurement technique. Hence, sensitive automatic procedures of diagnosis using OCT may exploit statistical(More)
An important problem in bandwidth allocation and reservation over a communication link is to estimate the traffic bit rate in that link. This can be done by using specific tools for measurements of the traffic bit rate. However, the obtained measures are affected by some noise. Moreover, one might be interested in future traffic forecasting, when a(More)
Monitoring of respiratory gas exchange in humans is an important task in order to establish the physical condition of the patient and to control important physiological indices. In a previous work, we proposed an approximated linear dynamical model of gas exchange within a controlled volume, to be used as a basis for Kalman filtering technique in order to(More)
—The Connection Admission Control (CAC) problem is formulated in this paper as a discrete time optimal control problem. The control variables account for the acceptance/ rejection of new connections and forced dropping of in-progress connections. These variables are constrained to meet suitable conditions which account for the QoS requirements (Link(More)