Carlo Bonamico

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This paper describes an algorithm to compute lists of people and devices that are physically nearby to a mobile user based on the analysis of signals from existing wireless networks. The system evaluates proximity by classifying the degree of similarity of the Wi-Fi scan data through a statistical Gaussian Mixture Model. It recognizes when the devices are(More)
In this paper, a complete Smart Space architecture and related system prototype is presented; it is able to analyse situations of interest in a given environment and to produce contextual information related to it. Experimental results show that video information plays a major role for what concerns both situation perception and personalized context-aware(More)
In this paper the complete framework of a software package for real-time animation of 3D facial models according to the MPEG-4 specifications is described. The focus is mainly on the algorithmic solution that has been adopted for scaling the polygon mesh to a level of complexity suited to the specific hw/sw profile of the platform that hosts the decoder.(More)
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