Carlo Andrea Ferrari

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The aim of this study was to try to understand if psychological evaluation of patients candidate to sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) could be a potential selection criterion to identify those patients who could successfully respond to this treatment. From 2005 to 2007, 68 patients with slow transit constipation were identified, and all of them fulfill the(More)
The main cause of acquired inguinal hernia is weakness of Fruchaud's deep muscolofascial floor, following metabolically-determined collagen disorders. A technique for the anterior reinforcement of this structure with polypropylene mesh is described here. Following intermuscular decollement, the mesh is placed in direct contact with the surface formed by the(More)
The first high-resolution study of fluoroniumyl (HF+), the simplest member of the hydrogen halide ion family, was reported in 1975 by Gewurtz et al. [1], who photographed the A ~Y,+-X2II electronic emission bands from 385 to to 483 nm in a low-pressure discharge with resolution sufficient to determine the principal electronic and structural parameters of(More)
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